3 month Membership with Option to Renew

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Begins June 5, 2022!

Bi-Weekly on Sundays 7-9pm



Join Billie-Lynn Hillis and the Gaia Team in this virtual community space designed to help you integrate and continue exploring the teachings offered through our many programs and services.


This community space will support you in further exploring a deeper and more authentic relationship with yourSelf; continuing your awakening process and revealing the truth of who you are and the reality you wish to create for yourSelf. 


The team at Gaia Wellness recognizes the need for support and healing available through community and connection so we have worked hard to create and provide this safe and supportive environment online for our Gaia community to continue to gather, learn, grow and heal together and individually.


As part of your membership to the Align your Vibe Community, participants will have access to group support and support from our facilitators through bi-weekly Zoom Group Sessions as well as an online dashboard/platform. The bi-weekly Zoom group sessions will be held on Sundays from 7-9pm EST.


We will meet in person once every 3 months (optional) at Gaia for those who can attend. Dates to be announced for July and October of 2022 and January and April of 2023.


Weekly Zoom Group Session Structure:


Opening Meditation 

Check in

Themed Dharma Talk w/Billie or Guest Facilitator




Group Healings/Closing Meditation


*If you cannot attend the group sessions live, a recording will be available.


During our time together we will explore how to:


 ~ Hold compassionate space for our inner reality.

 ~ Connect deeply with our heart, body, mind and spirit

 ~ Heal the wounds and stories that block us from living in our light

 ~ Challenge old stories and old beliefs that keep us trapped in suffering 

 ~ Let go of old identities that no longer serve us

 ~ Embrace self care, self compassion and self love 

 ~ Release self-doubt, self-judgement and self-disempowerment

 ~ Cleanse and protect our energy fields from harmful and draining energies 

 ~ Explore more deeply how to ground and replenish our energy

 ~ Unplug from the old narrative and manifest the narrative we wish to create 

 ~ Live with intention and reclaim our power

 ~ Embrace our light and step fully into the truth of who we are



Participants will learn:


~ Breathing and relaxation techniques to expel built up toxins and negativity

~ Self-compassion and loving kindness meditations to deeply connect to the heart

~ Mindful self-inquiry practices to rediscover the true self

~ Body-centred practices that honour and nurture the body’s needs.

~ Emotional and energetic healing practices designed to address the root causes of unconscious patterns.


All participants will also receive:


 ~ Access to recorded meditations & prayers, tools, resources, videos, blogs, recipes and more through the online dashboard/platform

 ~ Video library of meditation sessions, Dharma teachings and archive of weekly zoom group recordings

 ~ Access to a private Facebook group

 ~ 10% off overnight accommodations at Gaia Wellness Retreat in Alcove QC for the duration of your membership

 ~ 10% off services with Billie-Lynn Hillis at the Gaia Wellness Barrhaven Clinic for the duration of your membership

 ~ And more member benefits still to be announced!



The year will be divided into 4 themes for us to explore…


1 - Self Discovery


June - Honouring Our Truth

July - Journeying Within

August - Deepening Awareness


2 - Self Healing


September - Awakening True Healing

October - Cultivating Self-Compassion

November - Coming Home to Self


3 - Self Empowerment


December - Illuminating Our Stories

January - Creating Our Reality

February - Energy Cleansing & Protection


4 - Self Awareness


March - Rest & Reflection

April - Intentional Living

May - Embracing Our Light


June - Honouring Our Truth


This month we will be exploring what it means to honour what is real and true for us. We will bring loving awareness to all that arises within and around us and learn practices and tools for holding compassionate space for our inner reality.


July - Journeying Within


This month we will focus on connecting deeply with our heart, body, mind and spirit. We will learn Shamanic Journeying and other practices and tools that bring our attention within and grounding us in our bodies in a safe and supportive way.


August - Deepening Awareness


This month we will deepen our awareness and intimately connect with the wounds and stories that are blocking us from truly knowing ourselves and loving ourselves. We will work with tools and practices to support holding space for difficult emotions and challenging patterns.


September - Awakening True Healing


This month we will gently explore the wounds and bonds of our relationships with others and with ourselves. We will use practices and tools to challenge old stories and old beliefs that keep us trapped in suffering. 


October - Coming Home to Self


This month the focus will be on letting go of old identities that no longer serving us and re-defining the truth of who we are through self-enquiry practices and therapeutic writing. We will also explore somatic healing practices to help us release any deeply rooted energies in our physical bodies so we can reclaim our health and wholeness.


November - Cultivating Self-Compassion


This month we will embrace self care and self love. We will explore how to resource energies mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually through practices and tools that cultivate self-compassion and loving kindness.


December - Illuminating Our Stories


This month we will shine a light on the stories that define our reality and how we can re-write these stories and step into our power. We will challenge any stories that keep us trapped in self-doubt, self- judgement and self disempowerment in order to rewire neural pathways that have become stuck. 


January - Creating Our Reality


This month we will challenge the unconscious creations in our reality and instead become conscious co-creators with Spirit. We will explore tools and practices to unplug from the societal narrative and instead channel our energy into the narrative we wish to create, manifest and live.


February - Energy Cleansing & Protection


This month our focus is on cleansing and protecting our energy fields from harmful and draining energies. We will discuss the Energy Anatomy and how to establish and maintain energy boundaries allowing us to keep our energy field healthy and balanced. We will also explore Shamanic practices used to restore and repair our energy fields.


March - Rest & Reflection


This month our focus is on the importance of rest and integration. We will explore more deeply how to ground and replenish our energy through the practices of meditation, sound, yoga, breath work, journalling and more.


April - Intentional Living


This month we will dive into what it means to live with intention and the benefits available through the practices of intentional ceremony and ritual. We will learn the importance of healing in community and how we can support the global awakening of all beings.


May  - Embracing Our Light


This month we will embrace our light and step fully into the truth of who we are by reclaiming our power and letting go of all that does not serve the highest good. We will learn practices and tools that open our hearts, minds and bodies to a higher spiritual guidance and connection.




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