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50% Off Personal Retreat - April 5-10,2020

Updated: Mar 6

We are very excited to be offering 50% off Personal Retreats for the week of April 5-10th!


There will be a camera crew onsite documenting each guests experience at the retreat for the duration of the week. In exchange for the 50% discount, you must be comfortable being filmed and be willing to give an honest testimonial about your retreat experience. Don’t worry :) We will help guide you and provide you with a list of potential questions you may be asked during filming.

Why are we doing this? - We are launching our new website VERY SOON and we want to give potential guests a glimpse into the world of Gaia Wellness and what we offer. Videos and testimonials featuring guests help others to feel confident about choosing us for their retreat experience.

If you are interest in this opportunity and are comfortable with being filmed, please email us at or call 613-894-4242.

We only have 5 spots available so reach out to us soon before all the spots are filled!

5 Day Personal Transformation Retreat

Our Personal Transformation Retreats offer support and guidance to assist participants in awakening true healing in a safe and supportive environment.

During this retreat you will: ~ Heal and transform negative patterns and self-defeating behaviours ~ Identify and transform core-beliefs that are blocking true well-being & happiness ~ Strengthen your relationship with yourSelf by learning practices that will release self-doubt, judgement and old patterns of negative self-talk ~ Release the grip of resentment through practices designed to support letting go and embodying authentic forgiveness ~ Bring awareness to issues that are affecting your acceptance of your body and your ability to open your heart fully. ~ Embrace self-care, self-compassion, self-trust, self-acceptance and self-love ~ Experience emotional and energetic healing that will address the root causes of unconscious patterns. ~ Explore body oriented practices and self inquiry techniques designed to support the transformation of negative emotional and mental imprints.

Participants will learn breathing and relaxation techniques to expel built up toxins and negativity; self-compassion and loving kindness meditations to deeply connect to the heart; mindful self-inquiry practices to rediscover the true self, and body-centred practices that honour and nurture the body’s needs.

All participants will also receive support to learn and create intentions and plans to continue the practices after the retreat as you awaken true healing on your path to personal freedom.

What’s Included - Reiki/Energy Healing, Sound Therapy, PEMF Therapy, Yoga & Mindfulness Sessions, Self-Enquiry Guidance Sessions, Nightly Yoga Nidra & Gong Bath, Shamanic Fire Ceremony for Letting Go and all GWR amenities including daily sauna.

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