Personal Transformation Retreats at Gaia Wellness Retreat in Wakefield QC

Updated: Mar 12

Take time to connect with your authentic self and truly heal...

Gaia Wellness is now offering Personal Retreats designed to support you on your unique journey to personal freedom.

Gaia Wellness Personal Transformation Retreats

Our vision at Gaia Wellness is to provide a welcoming and supportive space, set in the beauty of pure nature with the intention of helping people heal body, mind and soul. We offer programs that will help you to address painful and challenging life issues that are rooted in past experiences and false belief systems that create mental and emotional dis-ease. The Personal Transformation Retreat programs are developed using current health and wellness research, meditation and energy medicine and ancient and modern spiritual teachings. Theses programs can offer a daily schedule of yoga classes, meditation classes and sessions, counselling sessions with a Spiritual Therapist, Energy Healing, Sound Healing, Yoga Nidra, sauna sessions and diet support plus so much more. Our dedicated and experienced staff are committed to offering you a program that is designed to empower, awaken and inspire.

Services Available

Reiki, Therapeutic Sound Healing, BioTuning, Crania-Sacral Therapy, Theta Healing, RMT Services, Relaxation & Reiki Massage, Yoga, Meditation, Spiritual Therapy, Self-Inquiry Therapy, Healthy Cooking Classes & Diet Support, Dog Therapy, BEING in Nature and so much more!

Retreats are tailored to the individual and start with a basic phone/email consultation to determine needs and intentions and create the best healing experience possible for you!

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