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Self Discovery Retreat

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Join Billie-Lynn Hillis for this amazing 3 day retreat that will help you understand and break free from damaging beliefs and limiting behaviour that may be keeping you stuck and sabotaging your life and relationships.

If you are experiencing stress, overwhelm, job dissatisfaction, disconnection, if you are caught in worry, fear and anxiety, if your tired of feeling disconnected from your authenticity then this retreat is for you.

During the course of the 3 days you will experience a deeper knowing of yourSelf, authentic healing and an inner connection that can lead to huge changes in your daily life.

Learn how to identify suppressed emotions, identify old patterns that limit your life’s experience and identify core beliefs that are no longer serving you. Use written and non-written techniques to be able to overcome blocks and sabotaging behaviours. Redefine your truth and re-connect with your authentic self.

Understand core beliefs that may be limiting your life. Clear fear, guilt, shame and any other energy clutter that is stopping you from truly living.

Give yourself this opportunity to experience more joy, peace and freedom, have fun, play and embrace a new vision for your life.

This retreat will allow you to get a deep insight into self and gain the tools that will help you navigate your life in a different way.

This retreat includes shared accommodation, vegetarian meals and use of all amenities at Gaia Wellness Retreat.

Please arrive at the venue before 6pm if you would like dinner.

The program starts at 7pm and finishes on Sunday at 1.30pm.

Participants will:

Understand and be able to use tools to identify different emotions

Be able to use techniques to identify old patterns and beliefs that limit their life experience

Use written and non-written techniques to be able to overcome blocks and sabotaging behaviour

Understand core beliefs that maybe limiting your life

Clear energy clutter that is stopping you from truly healing yourself

Experience more joy, peace and freedom

Have fun, play, laugh & create


Emotional Intelligence



Healing Sounds

Anchoring Techniques

Inner Body Yoga

Energy Healing

Re-Defining Core Beliefs

Healing Energy Clutter

Features of the retreat:

Delicious buffet-style vegetarian meals

Accommodation for 2 nights in a secluded rural retreat centre

Guided meditations

Yoga and movement periods

Sound therapy

Some paired self-inquiry and meditation training exercises


Date: October 16-18th, 2020

Location: Gaia Wellness Retreat near Wakefield, Quebec, near Ottawa

(Upfront) Cost: $344.92 (Includes tax) for 6 meals and two night's lodging plus a ***Pay from the Heart*** donation. (Read details below)


***Pay from the Heart***

I am committed to making the retreat financially accessible to everyone. The upfront cost is the cost of your meals and accommodation. At the end of the retreat, you will be given the opportunity to make a contribution for my facilitation based on the perceived value of what the retreat was worth to you. This contribution can be a onetime donation or monthly deposits. I trust that you will get in touch with the long term benefit of the retreat to your life and make your decision honestly. Normally a retreat of this nature with meals, accommodation and facilitation costs included would be priced from $575 to $650

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