Shamanic Reiki Level 1 & Sound Healing 101 Training

Certificates will be provided

October 14-16th, 2022

4pm arrival, 2pm departure

*Please arrive at the venue before 6pm if you would like dinner.

Shamanic Reiki Level 1 Certification The foundation of Shamanic Reiki is rooted in the healing tradition of Shamanism and the popular form of energy healing known as Reiki. Shamanic Reiki sessions are much more dynamic than a typical Reiki session alone. While both modes of healing are extremely beneficial by themselves, when used in combination, the power of each healing modality multiplies exponentially. Utilizing the process of the Shamanic Journey to connect with ones' spirit guides, power animals and allies in the astral realms, the healer can gain far more insight into the presenting disharmony than with traditional Reiki. With the help and support of these beings, we can clearly locate energetic imbalance and blockages, limiting beliefs, trauma, interfering energies, and decipher the origin of the issue at hand and address it accordingly. The energetic support and guidance from the spirit realm allow for a much deeper and more profound level of healing for the client. In addition to the laying on of hands, an aspect of a Reiki healing, the healer may also employ the use of drumming, sound healing, or singing to assist in the movement of energy during the session.

We are all capable of practicing Reiki, and in this foundational Shamanic Reiki workshop we will practice simple, yet powerful, techniques that join Reiki together with intuitive approaches from diverse Shamanic cultures. We will explore a systematized and intuitive approach to manifesting natural healing. Over the course of the training, we will: ~ Receive the Reiki Level 1 attunement to activate and empower our innate ability to heal ~ Practice self-healing methods and intuitive strategies for the transmission of Reiki ~ Integrate Shamanic techniques to access alternate realities beyond time and space ~ Give and receive a complete Shamanic Reiki session ~ Explore Shamanic methods that will open us to the healing forces of the earth and the elements ~ Discover how to create a healing environment and develop a Shamanic Reiki healing practice ~ Engage life-shifting practices to empower us as a Shamanic Reiki healer Sound Healing 101 Training

This training is an introduction to Sound Therapy as a healing modality for yourself and/or to share with others. In this training you will learn the foundational principles of sound as a healing agent, play a variety of instruments, learn the anatomy of a sound bath for personal or group use, and develop the confidence necessary to begin administering sound healing experiences. We will provide all the instruments needed to learn and practice, but if you would like to bring some of your own we welcome you to do this also!

You will learn: * Fundamentals of Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Crystal Pyramids, Native Drum, Ocean Wave Drum, Spirit Drum, Koshi Chimes, Bells, & Gongs * Fundamentals of using Tuning Forks, Solfeggio Tuned Chimes & Forks, Binaural Beats Forks * What a Sound Bath is and Various Types of Sound Baths * Anatomy of a Sound Bath - When to use which instruments * The Energetics Effects of Sound * Understanding Types of Bowls, Gongs, & Mallets * Cultivating Intuitive Sound

Benefits of Sound Healing:

* Experience a deep inner calm through a quiet mind * Release muscular tension * Explore a path of self-discovery and enhance your intuition * Release your emotions without effort * Restore your nervous system * Enter meditative states with ease * Feel an elevated mood * Deeply rest in the Delta brainwave state * Journey inward * Feel a sense of harmony and wholeness Schedule Friday 4:00 pm Arrival 5:00pm Dinner 6:00 pm Orientation 7:30 pm Yoga Nidra

Saturday 8:00 am Light Breakfast 9:00 am Gentle Yoga Practice 10:15 am Level 1 Training 12:00 pm Lunch 1:30 pm Level 1 Training 2:30 pm Sound Healing 101 Training 3:30 pm Attunements 5:00pm Dinner 6:30 pm Practice 8:00 pm Meditation

Sunday 8:00 am Light Breakfast 9:00 am Gentle Yoga Practice 10:00 am Practicum 12:00 pm Lunch 1:00 pm Closing Ceremony

Spaces for this training are VERY LIMITED to assure that social distancing protocols can be followed and to allow each person a chance to practice and fine tune their skills. Details: Friday October 14, 2022 - Sunday October 16, 2022 4pm arrival, 2pm departure Location: Gaia Wellness Retreat - 1 hour drive from Ottawa Upfront Cost of $1222 plus tax

Option to camp ~ $1111 plus tax


For more Information contact: (613) 894-GAIA (4242) or e-mail:


Billie-Lynn Hillis 500hr RYT, KYT & KYT for Addictions | Spiritual Therapist | Meditation Teacher | Certified Reiki & Sound Healer | Shamanic Healer Billie (Jugat Joti Kaur) has been on a spiritual path for over 15 years. After experiencing many struggles in her early life including trauma, chronic anxiety and addiction, she turned to yoga, meditation and spirituality to find relief from suffering and support her recovery path. Billie has many years of experience teaching Kundalini Yoga, Hatha, Yin and Beyond Addictions Yoga as well as practicing Reiki, Sound Healing, BioTuning and other healing modalities. She is certified as a Compassionate Inquiry Therapist as well as a Insight Meditation Teacher. Billie has a deep respect for the teachings of Buddhism, Hinduism and all other Spiritual Traditions and is honoured to have studied with wise and compassionate teachers including Jack Kornfield, Tara Brach, Dr. Gabor Mate, Sat Dharam Kaur and many others. Billie offers her experience and knowledge in hopes of inspiring others on their journey towards personal freedom. Billie is known for her authentic, non-judgmental and compassion-centered teaching. Availing herself to continuous philosophical education from various spiritual disciplines, she integrates meditation with self-inquiry therapies, applying ancient wisdom to our contemporary western world in a useful and understandable way. She encourages growth of the physical and spiritual self, citing the interconnectedness to each other, to the world and to the universe at large.

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